Specialized Service

Leadership Development

Leadership development is an effort that enhances the learner’s capacity to lead oneself, other individuals, groups and organizations. A critical skill for leaders is the ability to manage their own learning. Challenge arises in coping with the short life span of useful knowledge, passing down acquired competencies to succeeding charts, accommodating the demands of productivity while providing for a continuity of learning, and enabling learners to pursue activities that correspond to their learning styles and needs.

Career Coaching

Career coaching programs focuses on how professionals can achieve a career change by clearly defining priorities, goals and values. Effective career counseling and career coaching programs can provide career changer with the objectivity needed to find a satisfying career.

Success Coaching

Success Coaching assists to change patterns that will not go away with simple affirmations or positive thinking; and make lasting changes so that life will be easier and more enjoyable thus helps to become more successful in businesses, confidence building, bring about effective communication skills etc.

Individual Focused Mentoring

This helps in progressing on the learning path by tracking the skills with the help of a supportive and skilled instructor. It includes goal setting and being held accountable as well as assisting individuals while accomplishing life goals. When an individual spends time interacting with an individual that lacks judgment, that assist the individual in appreciating their self-worth.

Email Marketing

Every relationship runs into a number of problems and therefore requires constant efforts to bloom. It should be noted that relationship issues do not necessarily signify a major problem every time. In fact, any relationship can go through a number of ups and downs, even when people are intimate among each other. However, an in depth understanding of the various issues that take place in a relationship will be highly beneficial to sort things out at an early stage. Lack of compatibility and Mismanagement of conflict are the two major sources for relationship issues.

  • Lack of Communication
  • Old age issues
  • Lack of compatibility
  • Lack of Trust
  • Sexual Issues
  • Money Issues
  • Unfair Division of Responsibilities
  • Mismanagement of Conflict
  • Lack of Compatibility.

Email Marketing

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so common place that it has become a way of life. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make people feel threatened or upset the balance in some way. When a danger is sensed - whether it’s real or imagined – the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction, or the stress response.

  • Eustress
  • Hyperstress
  • Hypostress
  • Distress
  • Acute stress
  • Chronic Stress

Ongoing Management

Websites are a vital feature of any business; Propeller uses cutting-edge design and creates stunning websites that bring our clients alive online.

That's the first and arguably most important hurdle dealt with in style.

But how do you take your website from being a stunning online brochure to becoming an essential part of your business that continually delivers?

Propeller doesn't see return on investment as an optional extra. All of our online campaigns are carefully targeted to deliver significant returns: our ongoing management transforms our clients' online presence from being simply another outgoing to becoming an integral part of what they do.