ForeCee is a visionary organization started with a focus to create a better world with smarter people, better family relationships, amiable society which values relationships, respect for fellow individuals, higher tolerance, truthful understanding of others problems and understanding & acceptance of others issues.
We aim to build a greater society with the right values thru’ individual interventions with such values thru’ which create a smarter and greater society.
ForeCee is a professional Organization bringing in best in class experts, infrastructure and Psychiatric Interventions to bring smarter and Better Solutions to Individuals, Groups and Society at Large.

Focus Areas

  • Individuals Challenges – Emotional, Stress, Relationship, Understanding, Adjustment issues
  • Group Challenges/ Team Management Challenges
  • Leadership challenges
  • Societal Challenges


  • Psychiatric Counseling, Psychotherapies, Psycho-Assessments, Continued Coaching and Guidance
  • Psychiatric Counseling, Group Dynamics Techniques, Psycho-Assessments, Consulting and Training Programs
  • Psychiatric Counseling, Leadership Coaching, Psycho-Assessments, Consulting, Leadership Supportive systems, Training Programs
  • Training, Social interventions thru’ Public Programs, Group Dynamic Techniques, Training Programs, Non-Governmental / Non-Commercial Initiatives